clear has been named clearw?

Charles Wilson
Tue Jun 28 17:40:00 GMT 2011

On 6/26/2011 10:21 AM, Andrew Hancock wrote:
> After some web surfing about how to clear the screen in cygwin, I
> installed ncurses.  /bin/clear.exe is not there, but /bin/clearw.exe
> is.  Nothing comes up on a search for clearw either in the mailing
> list archives or google.  Just wondering if this was a filenaming
> typo.

No, there are now two different ncurses packages:

The basic ncurses, which provides (among other things) /bin/clear.exe.

Then, there's the version that supports wide characters, called
'ncursesw'.  To avoid conflicts, this package delievers /bin/clearw.exe
(basically, all the exe's are renamed to carry a 'w' suffix).


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