Creating package directory for Windows 7 64-bit from Windows XP Pro 32-bit

Andrew Hancock
Wed Jun 22 04:52:00 GMT 2011

I have a 32-bit XP Pro machine with an old cygwin installation (DLL
version 1.5.25).  In the past, started Setup on a machine on which
cygwin was already installed an created a package directory on CD with
the same packages as the installation.  I can then install the same
packages on another 32-bit XP Pro machine.  I was going to do the
same, but with the target computer being a 64-bit Windows 7 Pro
computer.  From my surfing, I don't expect the 64-bit to present a
problem.  What about the fact that the source and destination
computers are different OS's?  Can some of the downloaded files be
specific an OS?

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