less locks the file

Jean-Pierre Bergamin james@ractive.ch
Tue Jun 21 14:40:00 GMT 2011

Am 21.06.2011 12:16, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> On Jun 21 12:03, Jean-Pierre Bergamin wrote:
>> Am 21.06.2011 10:18, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
>>> On Jun 21 09:50, Jean-Pierre Bergamin wrote:
>>>> Dear cygwin-Users
>>>> When using less to follow a log file (less +F logfile.log), this
>>>> file is locked. So when I restart the application, it cannot delete
>>>> this locked log file and create a new one. So I always have to quit
>>>> less, before restarting the app, which I of course forget like every
>>>> 2nd time... less does not lock on linux.
>>>> Is there any way I could tell less not to lock the file?
>>> Upgrade Cygwin to the latest release might be an option.  It's not less
>>> which locks the file, it's the fact that Windows does not allow to
>>> delete files which are in use.  Recent Cygwin versions have a workaround
>>> for this.
>> Unfortunately, it also does not work with the latest cygwin version.
>> It seems to be some "special" behaviour with my app server anyway,
>> since I can open any other file with less and delete it and recreate
>> it, while less still has it open. No idea why the app server (virgo)
>> fails.
> It's probably because your app server is a non-Cygwin application.  It
> fails because it has no code to move in-use files away, as Cygwin's
> unlink() function has.  If so, you're out of luck.

Yes. It's a java app server. So I'm probably really out of luck.
But thank you anyway!

Best Regards,

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