cygcheck's understanding of TZ

Lee Maschmeyer
Tue Jun 14 18:35:00 GMT 2011

Hi Edward,

Are you saying that /usr/share/zoneinfo isn't the standard location for all 
time zone data? And that paths within that directory aren't standard values 
for TZ? If not, what is? You suggested one value; I suggested another and 
assumed that either would work as there are lots of correct values for TZ. I 
certainly was not taking issue with the suggestion you made. If it is the 
case that that directory is not known to cygcheck then it seems to me that 
it ought to be. This is the Cygwin location of zoneinfo at any rate, and 
when I tested my value it worked for the `date' program.

Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University Computing Center
5925 Woodward, #281
Detroit MI 48202

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