GNU screen not redrawing properly

Chris Sutcliffe
Mon Jun 13 23:23:00 GMT 2011

On 13 June 2011 17:53, Eric Pruitt wrote:
> When switching windows on GNU screen, the background on any unoccupied text
> cells fails to be redrawn for curses applications; see
> <>. I am using screen version 4.00.03, mutt
> version 1.5.20, Vim 7.3, and mintty 0.9.9-1 on a 32-bit Windows Vista
> installation. Any ideas on what could be done to fix this? The problem does
> not show up when using Console2 although there is an issue with it improperly
> detecting the terminal's height while inside of screen, but I'm not concerned
> with that.

Does this only occur with the Vim screen?  Does executing CTRL-L in
the Vim screen help?


Chris Sutcliffe

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