[SSHD/mkgroup] sshd can't determine user-group relation when AllowGroups is used

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@freemail.ru
Mon Jun 6 18:49:00 GMT 2011

Greetings, All!

Setting up an OpenSSH server on remote system, I hit an issue with
authorization. When setting SSHD to, i.e.,

AllowGroups RAdmin

I get a response from server
sshd: PID 540: User anrdaemon from not allowed because none of user's groups are listed in AllowGroups

Was digging through mkpasswd/mkgroup, but nothing hinted possible solution.
Manually editing /etc/group and adding username to the respective group


fixed the problem.
But question remains - who should play nice here? Is it mkgroup not doing
it's job, or SSHD should threat it differently?

 Andrey Repin (anrdaemon@freemail.ru) 06.06.2011, <22:41>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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