Why does windows have such probs with dynamically loaded libs?

Csaba Raduly rcsaba@gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 08:17:00 GMT 2011

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Linda Walsh  wrote:

>        Hmmm...I wonder...do you know if Interix setups COW pages on fork?
> If so, why in the heck would it perform so much more slowly than cygwin
> when running the same tasks (shell scripts and such that do lots of little
> forks)....  its performance was pretty bad next to cygwin, though that was
> under XP, and several years back that I tested, so it may have changed).

Last year I investigated Services For Unix on Vista and found it to be
roughly on par with Cygwin in terms if compilation time of a complex
C++ project.

> Eric Blake wrote:
>> Put yourself in Microsoft's shoes - why would you want to make it easier
>> for free software

If they wanted that, they would surely decide to enhance Windows
Services For Unix; after all they paid good money for the company that
made Interix.
But, since SFU doesn't even have a proper poll(2) implementation, I'm
not holding my breath.

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