Device names in /proc/mounts

Schwarz, Konrad
Fri Jul 29 13:34:00 GMT 2011

> > Can you answer the following question:
> > 
> > Given a volume label, how does one figure out where the 
> corresponding 
> > volume has been mounted into the Cygwin namespace?
> We're not mounting volumes, we're mounting Win32 paths.  
> There is no direct correspondence between volumes and Cygwin 
> mount points.

When a person inserts removable media (USB memory stick, optical disk, ...),
Windows assigns a more-or-less random drive letter.
Cygwin automatically makes this drive letter available
under /cygdrive/ (or whatever the user has renamed /cygdrive to).

Given a (unique) volume label or disk UUID, blk_id(8) on
both Linux and Cygwin tells you the disk and partition
in /dev/sdXY format.

In Linux, you can look up the mount point for device /dev/sdXY
in /proc/mounts or in the output of mount(8).  Thus, given
a volume label, you can figure out where to access the files
on the volume.

How do you do that in Cygwin?

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