Device names in /proc/mounts

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jul 29 09:21:00 GMT 2011

On Jul 29 09:45, Schwarz, Konrad wrote:
> > From: Christopher Faylor 
> >  We're not 
> > going to introduce this level of recursive confusion to the 
> > mount table handling.
> The proposal is sound.  It works on Linux, after all.

Ok, so I assume Cygwin should be able to load Linux kernel modules
and provide tools like modprobe and lsmod, right?  After all, it
works on Linux.  It does not really help to drive the compatibility
in with a hammer.

> > Please give it a rest.  We're not changing the mount table for you.

> Ok.
> Can you answer the following question:
> Given a volume label, how does one figure out where the corresponding
> volume has been mounted into the Cygwin namespace?

We're not mounting volumes, we're mounting Win32 paths.  There is no
direct correspondence between volumes and Cygwin mount points.


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