[bash or DLL] Memory leak in childs

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Sun Jul 24 03:41:00 GMT 2011

AZ 9901 writes:
> 2011/7/21 Larry Hall (Cygwin) :
> > Your best bet is to report the problem to the provider of the product

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ emphasis mine

> > that's interfering.  You should be able to zero in on the product by
> > booting into safe mode and then turning on, one by one, the services
> > that safe mode omits and running the test.  When you see the problem
> > again, you'll know what product is responsible.
> >
> > Another alternative is to try a snapshot.
> >
> > <http://cygwin.com/snapshots/>
> >
> > There have been some recent changes that could help in your situation.

> The fact is that my scripted tools are deployed on several customers'
> production environments, so it's unfortunately quite difficult (let's
> say impossible) to find for each one of them the responsible product,
> hoping it could be corrected.
> Quite problematic situation :-/
> I tested last DLL snapshot (2011-07-21), problem is still present :
> http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/2394/forkq.jpg

I tried your example on my quad-core Windows XP machine and don't see the
increased memory usage over time.  On your machine it's likely to be BLODA. 
Which BLODA?  We can't tell because you haven't provided the basic debugging
information needed to try to identify it.  As mentioned earlier in this thread,
that would be the output of 'cygcheck -svr', *attached* not appended to your
next post on this topic.

<http://cygwin.com/faq/faq.using.html#faq.using.bloda> is the list of known
dodgy apps (what we call BLODA).  Have you looked at that list to see if you're
running any of those apps on your machine?

Your first post mentioned that the increased memory stayed "used" even when you
closed the Cygwin window.  That is a hallmark of BLODA.  Corinna explained why
Cygwin can't accomplish that feat elsewhere in this thread.

One has to start somewhere.  There is no magic "fix it" button for this issue. 
Please provide the basic debugging info and we'll see what we can do.


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