CYGWIN / (no)glob documentation bug

Hannu Koivisto
Fri Jul 15 13:48:00 GMT 2011

Hi, says:

"(no)glob[:ignorecase] - if set, command line arguments containing
UNIX-style file wildcard characters (brackets, question mark,
asterisk, escaped with \) are expanded into lists of files that
match those wildcards. This is applicable only to programs running
from a DOS command line prompt. Default is set."

It seems that globbing is applicable not only to programs running
from a DOS command line prompt, but to programs run from any native
Windows (non-Cygwin) application.

FWIW, that behaviour may cause somewhat mysterious problems.  For
example, I just had a non-Cygwin git front-end attempting to run
git with command line parameters "cat-file", "-e" and
"123456789^{commit}" and the result was a failure because of brace
expansion.  But I guess there isn't much that can be done about
this (except fix the documentation and have users use noglob) since
the cygwin dll can't really know when globbing is desired and when
it isn't.

Also, braces aren't listed as wildcard characters in the quoted
documentation even though GLOB_BRACE is passed to glob() in the
argument globbing code. should
probably be updated as well.


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