After installing 1.7.7 command ls is null --now with cygcheck.out

Gerry Reno
Mon Jan 31 21:14:00 GMT 2011

In my case, I installed cygwin a few months ago and yesterday I went to
upgrade it and install several packages.

As it was going along it said that cygwin1.dll was busy so I pressed
Continue and at the end it said a reboot was required.  And so I
rebooted the machine.

When I logged back in,  cygwin was not behaving correctly.  ls, find,
cat, cp, maybe more commands were not functioning correctly.

The was after upgrading to 1.7.7.  When I check cygcheck output it shows
cygwin1.dll as 1.7.5. 

If I try and run strace, it fails with an error about a missing symbol.

There were also a number of errors showing for postinstall scripts.

Where in this process did either I or the install go wrong?


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