Does not work well: rlwrap + rxvt + cmd

Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 24 15:16:00 GMT 2011

On 8/24/2011 11:07 AM, Ronald Fischer wrote:
> I would like to run cmd.exe within a rxvt terminal

rlwrap is not the problem.  Running 'cmd.exe' within rxvt is not
possible; cmd.exe expects direct access to the console host (csrss on
WinVista-; conhost.exe on Win7+).  That is, it expects that functions
like those listed here:
such as ReadConsoleInput or WriteConsoleOutput will work.

rxvt is not what windows expects as a console host. It is a terminal
emulator, and basically communicates with the inferior (bash, etc) via
stdio pipes, and unix-style signals.

rxvt + cmd.exe won't work.


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