install on win7 enterprise, can't modify bash start up shortcut

Csaba Raduly
Fri Aug 19 17:34:00 GMT 2011

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 6:50 PM, LMH  wrote:
> If you double click on the Cygwin icon on the desktop, it starts a bash
> shell. If you click on the small Cygwin icon, upper left on the top window
> bar, you can select properties. This gives you a window to modify properties
> of the bash shell window such as the size, font color, font size, etc. When
> you close after your modifications, there was always an option to apply the
> changes to the current window only, or to modify the shortcut that started
> the window.
> I have always done this as soon as I installed cygwin.

You know, I used to do this as well until I found out about mintty,
which is a much nicer terminal than the "DOS prompt". Using mintty
would allow you to side-step the problem of not being able to modify
the command prompt. For one thing, mintty can be resized :)

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