i686-XXX-mingw32 compilers and __MINGW32_MINOR_VERSION macro: 3.18 or 3.11?

JonY jon_y@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 18 22:40:00 GMT 2011

On 8/19/2011 03:10, Frédéric Bron wrote:
>> If you are using a mingw* compiler, then you're not "using" Boost on
>> Cygwin.
> I am. Up to now, I have a dual cygwin installation 1.5/1.7 because I
> was unable to use boost nor wxwidgets with 1.7.
> I recently decided to make another effort to build boost with 1.7
> because I feel that it will be difficult to maintain my build chain
> based on cygwin 1.5.
> I realized that there are 2 mingw32 compilers coming with cygwin 1.7:
> i686-w64-mingw32 and i686-pc-mingw32.
> I imagine that they correspond to:
> - w64 ->http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/
> - pc -> http://mingw.org/
> I first tried to use the -w64- version with which I have troubles
> building boost.
> However, good news: I just finished building boost with the -pc-
> version! I still have to build wxwidgets (currently running).
> It would be nice to understand why the -w64- version does not work but
> it seems to be beyond my competencies.

Adding mingw-w64-public list.

Care to share what went wrong?

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