i686-XXX-mingw32 compilers and __MINGW32_MINOR_VERSION macro: 3.18 or 3.11?

Frédéric Bron frederic.bron@m4x.org
Thu Aug 18 13:57:00 GMT 2011

> Just bump it up and see if there are any issues, the mingw-w64 toolchain
> uses its own header set and the numbers don't always reflect mingw.org
> releases, since the macros in there are mainly for compatibility.
> You want to check instead for __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR on mingw-w64.

neither __MINGW64__, nor __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR are  defined because
I am targetting win32, not win64, even if I use w64 compiler.
So this does not help.
Any other clue?


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