John Dzielski
Sat Aug 13 21:00:00 GMT 2011

I have cygwin installed on a VMWare VM running Windows 7 on a Mac 
running OSX 10.6.  I am unable to get name resolution to work with ssh.  
The command ssh X returns the error "ssh: could not resolve hostname X:  
Non-recoverable failure in name resolution."  The command nslookup X 
returns a valid IP address.  I found the link below, and several others 
that reference the problem, but no solution.  Is there a solution to 
this problem?

I do not have this problem with machines running XP either on VMs or 
natively.  I've created a partial workaround in my .bashrc file that 
creates variables containing the IP addresses of the names I need to 
resolve.  This solution doesn't work with svn working copies if the 
repository has a dynamic address because the IP address of the 
repository at checkout will be coded in the .svn/entries file.  If the 
IP address of the svn server changes I'm won't be able to perform svn 

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