Cygwin DLL 1.7.9 on Windows 7: Can't create files/folders on network drive

Thu Aug 4 20:06:00 GMT 2011

Paul <Paul.Domaskis <at>> writes:
>Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
>> On Aug  4 16:04, Paul wrote:
>>> Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
>>>> On Aug  4 15:20, Paul wrote:
>>>>> At my workplace, I upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit and
>>>>> installed Cygwin DLL 1.7.9.  I can create files/folders in the
>>>>> c:/cygwin/home/MyUserName subtree, but I can't seem to create
>>>>> files/folders in my personal filespace on a network drive.  My
>>>>> filespace is mapped to "i:/", which I access as /cygdrive/i .  I
>>>>> own it and have write permission, and I can also create
>>>>> files/folders in that subtree using Windows Explorer.  I had no
>>>>> problems when I was using Windows XP (and a much older version
>>>>> of Cygwin).
>>>>> <...snip...>
>>>>> ...the problem with creating
>>>>> files/folders on the network drive is "Permission denied".  I
>>>>> can, however, use "rm -rf" to remove folders.
>>>> Try the latest developer snapshot from
>>>> Just exchanging the DLL is enough.
>>>> It should fix that problem.
>>> Is "exchanging
>>> the DLL" merely overwriting the DLL file with the new one?
>> Yes.  But keep a copy of the original, just in case.
> Works like a charm.  Thanks, Corinna.

Correction.  It works except when doing a "cp -p" e.g.:

   cp -p /c/Local/Path/File.txt /i/network/path/File.txt

I have write permission at both the source and destination.

On the other hand, using tar to transport a file from the local directory to 
the network directory seems to work:

   cd /c/Local/Path
   tar cf - File.txt | ( cd /i/network/path ; tar xf - )


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