fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp before initialization

Mark Geisert
Thu Aug 4 17:51:00 GMT 2011

Corinna Vinschen writes: 
> On Aug  4 15:05, Freidin, Alex (Alex) wrote:
> > After search and trial, I found that it's caused by
> > NVIDIA graphics driver for NVS 4200M laptop graphics card. The laptops
> > had version of the driver installed and after upgrading
> > the driver to the latest from NVIDIA website (ver the
> > problem was resolved. 
> This is weird!  Cygwin's not doing anything at the GUI frontier, so
> how can a graphic adapter drive influence Cygwin?!?

Just a WAG, maybe it's not the driver itself but rather some associated NVidia
service that's always running to "help" the driver.  I've always disabled those
service(s) on installation because I can't stand extra stuff running on my
machines, so I can't verify they're BLODA.  FWIW, there are already other
problematic graphics adapter drivers on the list: the ATI Catalyst drivers.


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