ISO: recommendations while setting up a new cygwin environment.

Larry W. Virden
Wed Aug 3 13:59:00 GMT 2011

I work in an environment where we have been using cygwin 1.5 and
cygwin/X (along with xterm, mintty, and putty) on a variety of Windows
XP desktops, as well as an older cygwin 1.7, cygwin/X, and a variety
of pretty traditional packages on development XP desktops.

Now we are considering creating a single distribution to be used
across the board, but set up to run on Windows 7.

Two specific questions we were wondering about - are there any
recommendations from you who have begun using cygwin on Windows 7
about things we should consider during the configuration?

Also, we have some java developers who have commented in the past that
trying to start, manage, and stop java processes were more difficult
in cygwin than using other similar toolsets (which live purely in the
windows process model). Are there any HOWTOs or other useful documents
for configuring cygwin to allow a developer to live with processing
that has to straddle the windows and cygwin environment.

Thank you all for your continued useful suggestions.

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Larry W. Virden
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