How to debug mintty or screen freeze

Andy Koppe
Sun Nov 28 11:46:00 GMT 2010

On 27 November 2010 10:49, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> Andy Koppe writes:
>>> [screen + mintty freezing]
>> Another thing you could try is to enable logging to a file using the
>> --log command option. Perhaps that will show what control sequence
>> triggers the problem. Obviously you'll want to remove any private
>> details before sending the log.
> Attached please find the last 50 lines of three occasions of freezing.
> Nothing private therein, so these are complete.

Thank you! I managed to reproduce a crash by catting those three file
in an endless loop. It should now be fixed on svn trunk. Can you give
that a go?

> The problem must be
> timing related and/or some kind of race, as you previously suggested,
> because after the freeze, when I reconnect to the remote xemacs, the
> page that froze half-way through paints just fine. . .

Actually it turned out to be a memory corruption problem due to not
clearing combining characters correctly when scrolling.

> [I don't understand why my previous message lost its substance, and
> consistend only of the attachment -- in any case, here is the text
> that I thought I included in it???]

It showed up ok here.


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