CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64: Unable to install rubies with rvm

Wed Nov 24 08:13:00 GMT 2010

Jon Seidel CMC <jseidel <at>> writes:

> When I try to compile a ruby (1.8.7 or 1.9.2) using rvm on cygwin, I get the
> following errors. I can't find any similar issues either on the RVM list or
> the cygwin list. As noted elsewhere on, I did try to install
> 1.8.7 first (1.9.2 requires ruby to already be installed). FWIW: I have
> installed RVM and both these rubies on a Mac and that worked just fine.
> I hope someone has run into this already and has a work-around/suggestion. 
> Thanks...jon

> ============================Version 1.8.7 installation attempt
> $ rvm install 1.8.7-head
> /cygdrive/c/home/jes/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-head, this may take a while
> depending on your cpu(s)...
> ruby-1.9.2-head - #fetching
> Updating ruby from
> Copying from repo to src path...
> Running autoconf
> ruby-1.8.7-head - #configuring
> ruby-1.8.7-head - #compiling
> Error running 'make ', please check
> /cygdrive/c/home/jes/.rvm/log/ruby-1.8.7-head/make.error.log
> There has been an error while running make. Halting the installation.
> $less /cygdrive/c/home/jes/.rvm/log/ruby-1.8.7-head/make.error.log
> [2010-11-16 09:37:58] make
> eval.c:211: error: conflicting types for '_longjmp'
> /usr/include/machine/setjmp.h:335: error: previous declaration of '_longjmp'
> was here
> eval.c:211: error: conflicting types for '_longjmp'

I have the same issue. Although I did manage to get ruby 1.9.2 installed, 1.8.7
died with the same errors you have.  

I also have both rubies working under rvm on my Mac without this issue.

My rvm version on cygwin is: 
$ rvm -v

rvm 1.1.0

Did you ever manage to get ruby 1.8.7 installed in the end?

- Sean

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