R: bash hang question

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Sat Feb 27 06:19:00 GMT 2010

--- Sab 27/2/10, ERIC HO ha scritto:

> I reported a bash hang issue a few
> months ago. When in bash, after enter ESC 2 4
> the prompt looks like this:
> (arg: 24)
> Pressing ';' at this point causes bash to hang.
on my cygwin-1.7 snapshots 20100224, I have no hang,
the output is:

$ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

my bash and readline are the last ones.

> Someone indicated it is a missed degenerate case in
> Readline.
>  I contacted the GNU Readline maintainer who said he could
> not duplicate the problem. But he does not use cygwin. Not
> sure whether this is cygwin
> specific or not.
> Thanks.
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could you follow this ? Eventually we could have some hint.



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