terminfo [Re: console enhancements: mouse events etc]

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 25 03:06:00 GMT 2010

Thomas Wolff wrote:
> However, I already sent a bug report to
> linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org some months ago and there doesn't seem to
> be anyone behind that mail address who would even care to respond...

Well, lkml is a mailing list.  Like any other high-volume list, you've
got to keep at it -- repost the patch, ping it a few times, etc.


> so I had just hoped to get this upstream this way. Anyway, my updated
> patch (attached) is now without the linux detail.


>> BTW, does this "fix" 'pstree -G'?
> Unfortunately not. I checked pstree and it is obviously quite buggy
> about terminal handling.

Yep.  It assumes that "well, duh, everybody supports vt100!" and then
tries to access vt100 mode incorrectly.  Nice.

> I also checked the source and it does the wrong
> thing.

I looked at it some time ago, thinking to patch it "correctly" so that
it would use terminfo, check capabilities, etc.

Too ugly for words.

> There are different methods to embed VT100 graphics codes, for short let
> me call them G1 and G0. What pstree sends is:
> G0-on G1-off code G0-off
> Obviously terminals handle this differently. xterm and mintty seem to
> still apply VT100 graphics within G0-on...G0-off despite the stray G1-off,
> while my cygwin console patch doesn't, it just switches it off when it's
> told "off" by one method and I thought that would be OK.
> So there is two options:
> - I could amend my patch with a workaround

Maybe; I'm not sure what TRTTD is.  Up to you.

> - I/We could get pstree fixed, probably upstream?

I think this is more reasonable; it's probably a very simple patch since
you wouldn't be trying to do a full-monty rework all of pstree's term
handling. You'd just be changing one or two sequences.

Corinna is listed as the psmisc package maintainer; I'm sure PTC.

>> I'll adapt and release an update relatively soon. ...
>> I'm guessing that these terminfo changes need to wait until 1.7.2, right?
> Yes, please.



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