mintty - char encoding problems

Andy Koppe
Sat Feb 20 12:24:00 GMT 2010

David Balažic:
>>> A mismatch of Cygwin's charset and mintty's charset, probably. What
>>> versions of Cygwin and mintty are you using? What are the values of
>>> LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE and LANG? Is anything set in the Charset (or
>>> Codepage) field on the Text pane of mintty's options?
>>  Cygwin DLL version info:
>>        DLL version: 1.7.1
>> mintty               0.5.7-1
>> $LANG is SL ,  LC_* are undefined
>> The mintty Text settings are empty.

Right. As Thomas already pointed out, "SL" is an invalid locale
setting. In this case, Cygwin programs use the "C" locale, which in
1.7.1. implies UTF-8. Mintty, on the other hand, falls back to the
system's "ANSI" codepage, with less than pretty results.

Not quite a bug, since you can't expect anything non-ASCII to work
correctly with an invalid locale setting, but nevertheless I've now
changed mintty to fall back to UTF-8.

>> As mentioned, this is a fresh install and 99,9% of settings are at default.
>> Windows Regional settings are:
>> Standards and formats : Slovenian
>> Location: United States
>> Input Language/Keyborad layout: US English
> Aha, the other account has:
> Standards and formats : English (US)
> I changed it on this account too and now it works.
> $LANG is now C.UTF-8

I'm puzzled by that, because the standards and formats setting
shouldn't have any effect on LANG, at least as far as mintty and
Cygwin are concerned. Any idea how it might have got set to "SL"?

In any case, the easy way to set locale and charset in mintty is via
the Text options. This will also set up LANG accordingly in newly
started sessions.


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