ssh + patch + $TMP

Charles Wilson
Thu Feb 18 20:39:00 GMT 2010

I ran across an interesting "feature" of remote access today. I was
ssh'ed in to my cygwin computer, under my normal windows/cygwin account
name, and tried to run 'patch':

$ patch -p1 -R --dry-run < ../some-patch.patch
patch: **** Can't create file
/c/Users/CYG_SE~1/AppData/Local/Temp/poFOD7WH : Not a directory

$ echo $TMP

$ echo $TEMP

$ echo $TMPDIR

Obviously, my regular user doesn't have access to cyg_server's AppData
directory. This is easily fixed, of course, by setting $TMP=/tmp (or
/c/Users/<me>/AppData/Local/Temp, if you like).  The question is, should
this be something that is done by default in /etc/profile (e.g. part of
the base-files package)?


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