command-line package installation

Sat Aug 28 04:37:00 GMT 2010

I'm in the process of deploying cygwin with an OpenSSH that has an
OpenSSL-fips built into it.  Our cygwin build environment averages
around 200MB with gcc-core, perl, mingw-runtime, etc...  with all of
these uninstalled, the base environment is around 70MB.  I need the
ability to uninstall packages inside a script to shrink our
environment, but the setup.exe is crippled and does not allow for
uninstalling packages.

I did find "apt-cyg", and while it does do the uninstall successfully,
I find that when I try to use it to install things, that it doesn't
always work...  And I have seen posts from folks in the past talking
about how that it is "unsupported".

Is there any chance that the roadmap for cygwin has a commandline
package manager, or to expand the capabilities of setup.exe in the
future?  I think I can "find and delete" what I need to until then,
but a package manager type thing would be great...

other than "find and delete", are there any other ways to do what I'm needing?


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