How/Where do I get an older version of Cygwin?

Charles Wilson
Sat Aug 28 00:09:00 GMT 2010

On 8/27/2010 7:05 PM, Peter A. Castro wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Aug 2010, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> Question: would anyone miss the "Prev" button if it were to disappear?
> Yes, I, for one, would miss it.  While it may give a "random collection
> of old packages", for packages that are actively maintained it does give
> you the ability to revert to the previous version that is/was working
> when the "current" version either does not do what you want or, in some
> cases, breaks what you already had working.  For that reason alone, the
> "Prev" has value.

Peter, I think you're misinterpreting Andy's proposal.  He's not talking
about the ability to click on the 'spinner' icon, to cycle thru various
versions of a specific package.  He's talking about the 'Prev' radio
button, which can have VERY unexpected results.

It reverts EVERY package that you have installed to the prev version of
that package -- not just a single package whose current version may be
giving you temporary difficulties.


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