gitk unusable in cygwin-1.7.6-1 because tcltk-20080420-1 is native win32 app.

Andy Koppe
Fri Aug 27 18:42:00 GMT 2010

On 27 August 2010 19:22, neomjp wrote:
> 1. I see a long discussion about cygwin vs. win32 CWD is taking place in
> cygwin-developer. What is win32 CWD going to be in cygwin in the future?

It will be synced with the POSIX working directory again, except when
the path is too long or it's a "virtual" directory such as /proc.

> 2. I understand that the reason to have tcltk-20080420-1 as a win32 app is
> to have a graphical insight that does not depend on X Window.

Cygwin programs can have Win32 interfaces actually, as proven by the
likes of rxvt, mintty, and the Xwin server itself.


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