Emacs and DBUS

Michael Albinus michael.albinus@gmx.de
Thu Aug 26 04:16:00 GMT 2010

Ken Brown <kbrown@cornell.edu> writes:

> Hi Michael,

Hi Ken,

> The blocking you observed when dbus.el is loaded doesn't occur with a
> build from the Emacs trunk (r101187).  But I don't know how to test
> the dbus functionality after loading dbus.el.

There is a manual, open it with (info "(dbus)")

You could check your own D-Bus name:

  (dbus-get-unique-name :system)
  (dbus-get-unique-name :session)

You could register for signals sent by the D-Bus:

  (defun my-dbus-signal-handler (&rest args)
    (message "Signal from bus %s received: %s"
             (dbus-event-bus-name last-input-event) args))

   :system dbus-service-dbus dbus-path-dbus dbus-interface-dbus
   "NameOwnerChanged" 'my-dbus-signal-handler)
   :session dbus-service-dbus dbus-path-dbus dbus-interface-dbus
   "NameOwnerChanged" 'my-dbus-signal-handler)

Now you could open any other D-Bus application, and you shall be
notified in Emacs. Let's use dbus-monitor, started in a shell:

  # dbus-monitor --session
  # dbus-monitor --system

> If we find it works there, maybe the problem is just a matter of
> backporting some patch to Emacs 23.2.

In Emacs' trunk, there are changes how D-Bus buses are initialized for
polling of pending messages. The intention was to access non-default
buses as well, but it seems to help also for the system and session
buses on cygwin. Backporting would include both dbusbind.c and dbus.el,
because there are dependent changes. I havent't planned it yet for the
Emacs 23 branch, but why not.

> Can you tell me how to test dbus in emacs?  Or do you want me to send
> you the executable and let you test it?

Unfortunately, the next 10 days or so I won't have access to a machine
running Windows+Cygwin (I'll be on the road); accessing my email shall
be possible. I'ld like to test it when I'm back.

Thinking about, I prefer an unstripped version of emacs-x11 instead of
emacs-nox for testing.

> Ken

Best regards, Michael.

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