1.7: Basic file operations fail on network shares provided by Tru64 Advanced Server

Heinz Werner Kramski Heinz.Werner.Kramski@dla-marbach.de
Wed Aug 25 07:05:00 GMT 2010

Am 24.08.2010 18:28, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
>> RCS now works again (also in Windows Emacs), and so does a ~ 1300
>> lines script I'm currently working on. Is it safe to use this
>> cygwin1-test2.dll for serious work? We are just preparing a new
>> master image for several PCs and would like to include a working
>> Cygwin 1.7.
> Please wait.  I was hoping that you could test a little bit further.


> I prepared another DLL, which is very close to the "real" thing.
> There's another flag which I have to know if it's required or not.
>    http://cygwin.de/cygwin-ug-177/cygwin1-test4.dll.bz2
>    (md5sum 889a86df2c2aafd010249b27bf10f411)
> If it works, we're finished.  If not, we probably need just one more
> iteration.

Test4 works, great.

> In the meantime, can you send the output of `mount' to this list?
> I would like to make sure that the drives are really recognized as
> "cifs".

Testing was done in /mnt/testperms with the following mounts in effect:

     $ mount
     //dlanserv/kramski$ on /mnt type cifs (binary,notexec,ihash,user)
     C:/cygwin/bin on /usr/bin type ntfs (binary,auto)
     C:/cygwin/lib on /usr/lib type ntfs (binary,auto)
     C:/cygwin on / type ntfs (binary,auto)
     C:/bin32 on /usr/local/bin type ntfs (binary)
     C: on /cygdrive/c type ntfs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     D: on /cygdrive/d type ntfs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     E: on /cygdrive/e type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     F: on /cygdrive/f type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     G: on /cygdrive/g type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     H: on /cygdrive/h type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     I: on /cygdrive/i type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     J: on /cygdrive/j type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     O: on /cygdrive/o type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     P: on /cygdrive/p type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     R: on /cygdrive/r type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     S: on /cygdrive/s type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     T: on /cygdrive/t type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     W: on /cygdrive/w type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     X: on /cygdrive/x type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)
     Y: on /cygdrive/y type cifs (binary,posix=0,user,noumount,auto)

> As for the ihash issue, after giving this some thought I tend to keep it
> as it is, so you will have to use it on your Tru64 drives.  At least for
> the next Cygwin release 1.7.7.  If it's getting too awkward at some
> point, we can discuss this again.

As you see, I have quite a lot of network drives, so I'm considering 
putting the ihash option globally to the uncommented /cygdrive 
mountpoint in /etc/fstab to cure all drives altogether. Will that cause 
any disadvantages for the real hardware NTFS drives C: and D:? (Doesn't 
look so at a first glance.)

Please note the nice effect that ihashing /cygdrive/e also cures 
//dlanserv/KRAMSKI$, my Cygwin $HOME, which - apart from this testing - 
is not explicitly listed by mount. (My home share //dlanserv/KRAMSKI$ is 
mapped to E: on Windows).


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