Strange "SET" (pseudo-) command output

Andrew Bogorodsky
Sun Aug 22 21:59:00 GMT 2010


I'd install cygwin  under Windows Vista

01:41 [Lenovo G550@BlackBoard ~] uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.0 BlackBoard 1.7.6(0.230/5/3) 2010-08-16 16:06 i686 Cygwin

All is fine except an output of SET command. It outputs some SETs as
it is expected but floods some sources after them. You can see full
dump of it:
$  set > t.txt
t.txt here: or here:

Shortly it looks like:
USERNAME='Lenovo G550'
USERPROFILE='C:\Users\Lenovo G550'
_ImageMagick ()
    local cur prev;
    _get_comp_words_by_ref cur prev;
    case $prev in
            COMPREPLY=($( compgen -W 'Red Green Blue Opacity \
                Matte Cyan Magenta Yellow Black' -- "$cur" ));
and here more and more source code %-\

What can be wrong, friends?

       Andrew Bogorodsky

       Andrew Bogorodsky

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