Using ssmtp called in a script called by a crontab entry...

Pierre A. Humblet
Fri Aug 20 22:37:00 GMT 2010

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| Hello,
| I have a need for ssmtp to send out a *job completed* email from within 
| a script that is called as an entry in a cron table. I've read all I can 
| from the *Installing and configuring ssmtp* man pages as well as the 
| Knowledgebase and FAQ's on the cygwin site. From what I gather it should 
| be possible to do this.

Seen from the cron point of view, if the cron job produces any output on stdout
or stderr, the output will be placed in an e-mail sent to you (you can configure the
address in the MAILTO variable).
As as recall, the ssmtp-config script will ask you if you want sendmail to point to
ssmtp. If you answer yes, cron will use ssmtp to send the e-mail.


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