ImageMagick: Still more insufficient package dependencies?

Angelo Graziosi
Thu Aug 19 15:18:00 GMT 2010

Ken Brown wrote:
> This looks to me like an Emacs configuration problem, not a Cygwin problem. The code in image.c:7723 is guarded by #ifdef HAVE_MAGICKEXPORTIMAGEPIXELS, and configure reported "no" in the corresponding test.

If I understand this rightly,

checking for MagickExportImagePixels... no

is right, i.e. the Cygwin binaries of ImageMagick do not support the 
function 'MagickExportImagePixels', but Emacs 'configure' sets 
'HAVE_MAGICKEXPORTIMAGEPIXELS' to true in any case, so that the build 
enables the imagemagick support,

Does Emacs use imagemagick?       yes

but it fails, obviously, at link time. This seems to be confirmed by

$ grep -iR MagickExportImagePixe config.status

$ grep -iR MagickExportImagePixe src/config.h
/* Define to 1 if you have the `MagickExportImagePixels' function. */

Thanks for clarification.

- Angelo

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