Upgrading to cygwin 1.7.6 vs gcc 4.5

Ross Smith rosss@pharos.co.nz
Tue Aug 17 22:54:00 GMT 2010

I've installed the experimental gcc 4.5 packages (because that's the 
version I'm using in all my other development environments, and it's 
nice not to have to target multiple compiler versions any more), but now 
that cygwin dll 1.7.6 is out, I can't seem to find a way to upgrade 
cygwin without also downgrading gcc. In the installer, if I select 
Current I get the new cygwin but the old gcc, while if I select 
Experimental, it keeps the new gcc but doesn't offer me the new cygwin.

At the moment I'm sticking with the old cygwin, because the gcc upgrade 
is more important to me than the cygwin upgrade. Is there some way I'm 
missing to select both, or do I just have to accept that I can't upgrade 
anything else until the official gcc 4.5 is ready?

-- Ross Smith

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