Path conversion issue

Andrey Repin
Tue Aug 17 19:00:00 GMT 2010

Greetings, Csaba Raduly!

>>> diff.exe -cdb -x "CVS" -x ".svn" -I "\$Id.*\$" --strip-trailing-cr --
>>> "C:\...\php-tools\GalleryClass.php"
>>> "\\REMOTE\C$\...\php-tools\GalleryClass.php"
>>> diff: \REMOTE\C$\...\php-tools\GalleryClass.php: No such file or directory
>>> Why it ate the leading backslash?
>> '\' is a escape character for Cygwin just the way it is in UNIX/Linux.
>> You either need to escape it or, better yet, use forward slashes.

Neither is possible without sophisticated wrapper... This is called from menu
entry in FAR Manager.
:( I'd, however, try to get this through as a feature request...

> Or protect the backslashes: use single quotes

> '\\REMOTE\C$\...\php-tools\GalleryClass.php'


diff.exe -cdb -x "CVS" -x ".svn" -I "\$Id.*\$" --strip-trailing-cr -- '\\REMOTE\C$\...\GalleryClass.php' 'C:\...\GalleryClass.php'
diff: \REMOTE\C$\...\GalleryClass.php: No such file or directory

 Andrey Repin ( 17.08.2010, <22:48>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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