1.7.5 - Invoking excel/word using vbscript in ssh session from Linux

Mehta, N.V. familymehta@cooltoad.com
Tue Aug 17 08:44:00 GMT 2010


I am starting SSH session from a Linux box to CYGWIN on Windows XP.
In this session I call a vbscript which invokes MS word or Excel 2007 to export file to PDF.
The command is:
ssh -n -T winuser@windownode csscript xls2pdf.vbs "xls_file_path" "pdf_file_path"
ssh -n -T winuser@windownode csscript doc2pdf.vbs "doc_file_path" "pdf_file_path"

I have already passwordless login setup using ssh-keygen and authorized_keys.

The script starts Word and Excel as I can see the corresponding process in the "Task Manager".
But it seems both Word and Excel are hanging and doing nothing.

If I use wsscript instead of csscript, the wsscript process can be found in "Task Manager", but no word or excel,
so wsscript is hanging.

There are several messages like this in the mailing list, but no resolution.

Can some one help?

Kind Regards,
Nitin Mehta

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