Cygwin speed difference on multiple cores -vs- single-core?

Andy Nicholas
Sat Aug 14 00:40:00 GMT 2010

Hi Folks,

When using cygwin, I've noticed that there seems to be a large speed 
difference when I boot my windows 7 (32-bit) machine in single-core mode 
versus the regular number of cores (4, Core i7-930).

I've read through the FAQ and didn't notice anything about this issue.

Normally, I would expect nearly no speed difference based on the Windows 
environment... but after some extensive timing tests it seems like the single-
core machine is usually at least 2x faster than using the same machine setup 
in multi-core mode. I limit the number of cores using MSCONFIG, advanced boot 

We have some simple script and more complex scripts which show this behavior. 
The simple scripts do straightforward things like "rm -rf" over some directory 
trees. Even the simple scripts run slowly when the PC is booted with multiple 

Is this known behavior? Is there some way to work around it so I can boot my 
PC, use all the cores with other apps, and continue run cygwin 2x faster?

Thanks much,


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