bash becomes a directory in win 7? LOL

mike marchywka
Fri Aug 13 13:32:00 GMT 2010

I'm trying to popup new bash windows from a script and getting lots
of wierd problems. First, I seem to have to run the cygwin window as
admin, ok fine I can click on that. After playing around for a while,
I was able to get cmd start bash to run ok but the children seemed to
lose admin startus if I closed the parent. Anyway, at some point they
stopped working
and I checked cygwin/bin and apparently bash was now a directory. If I
copied bash.exe over it things started working again? I moved the old
bash "dir" to bash_wtf and now if is called "bash_wtf.exe" and appears
as a dir. Something up with links?

Thanks, pointing out something obvious and stupid is welcome as long
as it fixes the problem, LOL

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