Change to gnuplot's handling of ^Z and ^C

Ryan Johnson
Fri Aug 13 09:22:00 GMT 2010

  Hi all,

Recenty I noticed that gnuplot no longer responds instantly to control 
characters. You have to hit an additional key before they take effect.

So, for example, if I type "^Zdfg\n" I get the following:
> gnuplot> ^Z
> [1]+  Stopped(SIGTSTP)        gnuplot
> [Ryan@scovich] ~/experiments
> $ fg
> gnuplot
> d
Notice that gnuplot, not bash, got the 'd'...

I've also managed to close my terminal on accident once or twice, but I 
don't know what exact key sequence did it (it may have had something to 
do with ^S enabling flow control instead of starting a search in emacs, 
because the latter failed to come to fg when gnuplot slurped up the 'f').

Maybe it's some strange interaction between bash's readline and 
gnuplot's? The shell isn't affected, nor are non-readline utilities like 
cat and emacs.


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