DePriest, Jason R.
Thu Aug 12 17:37:00 GMT 2010

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Richard Stern <> wrote:
> I had uninstalled the total cygwin package by deleting all the directories
> made for this software, because cygwin did not show in the list of installed
> programs
> in the "Control Panel" utility "Programs & Features" in Windows 7 OS. After
> the deletions, only one directory and file were unable to be deleted,
> the file named " nul " in the directory " dev ". A popup window notified me
> of the problem but was not specific.
> After much brainstorming, I booted up into a LINUX environment, located the
> /my Cplus dir/dev/nul directory
> and file. Using the file manager, I was able to delete the items.
> I have read & browsed much of the documentation, at the moment, that's
> possible and tried to be sure this issue hasn't been covered.
> I believe that is the case. I'm a retired NASA contractor. UNIX System
> Administrator for Real-Time Systems being one of my task, I hope
> this has given me enough knowledge to know when I need further assistance.
> I tried to subscribe to the mailing list. But the email returned
> with an unknown address error. I have recheck this address
> and still returns a failure notice.
> Thank You for your time for reading this and any assistance you may offer.
>                   Richard Stern < best
steps to follow to completely remove it <
brief mention of using special file names like AUX, COM, etc
< another mention of those special file names

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