CygWin Security & Performance Issues

David Law
Wed Aug 11 23:36:00 GMT 2010

  Hello List,

about 18 months ago we recommended cygwin as a unix-like
environment for a Windows 2003 Server to our Admin.

This was turned down on the grounds that it did not satisfy
the security requirements of our organisation. (unfortunately
I don't know the details as I wasn't involved in the process)

Instead, the "Subsystem for Unix-based Applications" was chosen.

I am now trying to port a fairly simple shell script to SUA
and find massive performance problems: under cygwin the script
runs for about 20 minutes on my notebook, but under SUA it takes
about 2 days on our Zillion-core 2003 Server!!

Firstly, I was wondering if SUA maybe has a reputation for
bad performance, or could it maybe be the architecture of
desktop contra server pc's?
Would you expect better performance from cygwin?

Secondly, how do you see cygwin's compliance with a Windows
Server security infrastructure?  Is a user limited to just
the same as under windows or can they somehow access other
users data they otherwise couldn't?  I noticed in cygwin 1.7
there is something called LSA Authentication. Does this address
these issues?

Thanks in advance,

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