[Mingw-w64-public] Cygwin vs MSYS [WAS: Making config.guess detect mingw64 platform?]

Eric Blake eblake@redhat.com
Tue Aug 10 01:58:00 GMT 2010

On 08/09/2010 07:19 PM, Chiheng Xu wrote:
> As far as I know, Cygwin has dropped text mode in 1.7, only providing
> binary mode. This make Cygwin more like an real Linux environment. I
> think this is because many Unix tools can not work perfectly at text
> mode.

Not true.  But you are correct that in 1.7 it is harder to get text mode
processing in a default install, because text mode is a) slower, and b)
less tested.

> As far as I know, Cygwin now use Windows shortcut to implement
> symlink. This work well with native apps.

Not true.  Cygwin can read windows shortcuts as symlinks, but does not
generate windows shortcuts to hold new symlinks because windows
shortcuts are inherently limited in such a way that they cannot serve as
true POSIX symlinks.

> Last year, I have tried to patch bash-3.2 of Cygwin to let it's "pwd"
> built-in command to print the Win32 version of current working
> directory, like "d:/work/gcc" , instead of "/cygdrive/d/work/gcc".

Such a patch will never be accepted in the cygwin port of bash.

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