Accessing SMB shares without explicit mounting

Jeremy Bopp
Sun Aug 8 16:27:00 GMT 2010

On 08/08/2010 03:42 AM, Phil Reynolds wrote:
> In order to cut down on the overall time my backups are taking, I am
> thinking of running flexbackup under cygwin. However, I will want it to
> write to a directory I have shared from my Linux box using samba,
> without mounting it explicitly.
> I understand that this at least ought to be possible using a UNC path
> (//server/share) but all attempts to list the current content are
> showing it to be empty. If I try to access a file I know to be there, or
> to create a new one, I get "Permission denied". I can clearly see that
> the shares are there, but cannot make any practical use of them.
> I am therefore left in the position of having to seek advice on this.
> The permissions do allow the shares to be mounted in Windows, but in the
> case of this particular one, I am looking for it not to be mounted.

It sounds like your Samba configuration requires authentication in order
to access this share.  Are you able to access the share as
\\server\share using the Windows file explorer without first mapping the
share to a drive or authenticating in some other way?  Cygwin uses
Windows to handle this sort of operation, so if Windows can't access the
share without authentication, neither can Cygwin.

If authentication is required, you'll either need to map the share to a
drive letter or reconfigure your Samba share to allow guests to have
read and possibly write access depending on your needs.


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