Opening .n extensions

Sun Aug 8 07:24:00 GMT 2010


First of all I would like to Thank You! in advance for answering this question.  
I read the 'stupid question' warnings, read through the forum topics, searched 
dogpile, google, and yahoo search engines and could not find the answer.  I 
admit ahead of time to having a rudimentary understanding of the subject at 
hand, however I did try everything I knew and your suggestions.  That said, I am 
trying to find the program to download so I can open picture files sent to me by 
friends from there cell phones to mine.  When my phone said the files were too 
large and was unable to open the files I downloaded them to my computer to 
open.  Windows said it needed to go to the internet to obtain the program to 
open the file.  I went onto the web and no programs, [save expensive file 
extension repair] were to be found.  When I looked up the extension, every 
listing had the '.n' extension as yours.  I have attached one of the files so 
you can see it.  It has been checked for viruses.  I apologize again for my 
ignorance.  I did not know who or where else to ask.  Thank you in advance for 
your Job like patience and understanding.

I have a:

ASUS Notebook G60 Series
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 CPU
4.00 GB Installed memory 
64-bit Operating System
Running Windows 7 Home Premium

A Complete Novice,


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