About mouse selection in a cmd console

JOHNER Jean 066030 Jean.JOHNER@cea.fr
Thu Aug 5 15:07:00 GMT 2010

On 4 August 2010 18:46, Andy Koppe wrote:
> This flag ensures that mouse events, including right clicks, are
> placed into the console input buffer rather than triggering window
> actions. That's in case an application activates xterm-style mouse
> reporting. Yep, the Cygwin console driver does indded support that,
> but vim doesn't know that, so you need to tell it via .vimrc:
> set mouse=a
>set ttymouse=xterm2

Thank you, Andy, for sharing this incredible expertise.
Mouse control works with the above setting.

With "Quick Edit mode" enabled, mouse control is lost even in a standard
cmd console using Windows Vim.
That is a bug (or a feature) of Windows console Vim. I opened a thread
on vim_use to see if this can be improved.

Best regards,

Jean Johner

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