How to inactivate CTRL-S hold in a Mintty bash session or ssh connection

Eric Blake
Mon Aug 2 13:25:00 GMT 2010

On 08/02/2010 07:17 AM, JOHNER Jean 066030 wrote:
> Hello,
> Typing CTRL-S in a Mintty bash session has the effect of holding it
> until CTRL-Q is typed.
> It happens that CRTL-S is also the Windows standard for saving a file
> (NotePad, WordPad, Office ...) so that it is mapped to :w in my .vimrc.
> Is there a way to inactivate this CTRL-S hold in Mintty.

Yes - use stty.  For example, my ~/.bash_profile contains:

if tty --quiet ; then
  stty start undef

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