Win2k Command Window Can't Execute G++

Roger Head
Sun May 31 14:37:00 GMT 2009

Hi Andy,
> > I'm almost certain that I was able to invoke it from a CMD window.
> Afaik, gcc and g++ changed into links only recently, to help with the
> transition from gcc-3.4 to 4.3.

There are still some remnants of AVR-GCC hanging around on my system from a few 
years ago. Maybe a connection there... ...somehow.
> > I'm sure that I can come up with a hack that will let me do what I want
> The easiest thing to do would be to overwrite the link with the file
> it points to, e.g. 'cp /bin/g++-4.exe /bin/g++.exe'. You'd have to
> remember to do that after every gcc update though.

Yeah, I'd have to automate it. I've just about given up on writing notes to 
myself, because when the time comes that I need them, I've forgotten that I 
ever wrote them in the first place! The joys of advancing years...


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