Win2k Command Window Can't Execute G++

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sun May 31 11:56:00 GMT 2009

Roger Head wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm a noob to Cygwin and all things non-Windows. I installed Cygwin on my Win2k 
> system (a couple of hiccups, but nothing major), then installed the GCC. When 
> that completed, I did g++ -v in a bash window, and got the expected response. I 
> am *sure* (99% anyway) that I was also able to do it in a normal CMD window amd 
> get the identical response. I then proceeded to install X-Windows with no 
> problems, and it appears to work (i.e. can bring up calc, etc). However, if I 
> now try to invoke g++ from a CMD window I get the usual message '... not 
> recognized as an internal or external command ...blah blah blah'. It still 
> works in a bash window.
> Am I dreaming that I was able to use it in a CMD window before installing X 
> Windows, or has something been changed during that installation? If so, what?
> I have done all the above while logged on as Administrator. After the initial 
> Cygwin installation I had to manually add \Cygwin\bin and \Cygwin\usr\bin to 
> the PATH. That hasn't been altered. It doesn't matter what directory I am in 
> when using the CMD window, g++ isn't recognized.
> I would sure appreciate some help.

If you want Windows applications to be able to see Cygwin apps without
adding explicit paths to the invocation, you'll need to add 'C:\cygwin\bin'
or equivalent to your Windows PATH environment variable.  You can do so
using the "System" applet from the "Control Panel".

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