Building against Stripped DLLs

René Berber
Sun May 31 07:11:00 GMT 2009

René Berber wrote:
> Christina McQuirk wrote:
> [snip]
>> Is there a way to turn these stripped files into .a files?  Or, can I
>> get the source code somewhere?  The files I am having trouble with are
>> -lglu32, -lglut32, -lopengl32, -lkernel32.  I have the dlls in my
>> system32 folder, but I do not have import library version.
> Just install w32api (using Cygwin's setup.exe or setup-1.7.exe), it has
> all you need (see:

Opps! I just realized that glut32 disappeared btw. w32api-3.12-1 and
w32api-3.13-1; perhaps you also need opengl-1.1.0-10 which has the dll
and the static lib but not the symbols (.dll.a) lib, that's weird.
René Berber

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